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In Instagram, one of today’s most popular social media apps, we did a little research on how to find out who it is when someone stops following us.
Almost everyone who uses Instagram wants their photos to get more likes, which means asking for more followers. However, maintaining our existing followers is just as important as gaining new followers. Which one of you can find out when someone stops following your profile.

When you do a Google search, you’ll find countless solutions. We tried the results for you so that you don’t try them all individually.

Unfortunately, what we have to say will disappoint you.

You can use any application or service from the list above. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to find out who stopped following you on Instagram. For some reason we don’t know, Instagram doesn’t want you to know who stopped following you. We can assume that this is a courtesy rule on social media. Instagram strictly prohibits this feature for third-party application developers.

What information can we get?

The information we can obtain for the time being is only figures. These apps can track your number of followers and let you know when someone is out of pursuit. But they can only give you numbers, they can’t tell you who’s out of pursuit. Of course, these numbers are valid from the moment you start using the application. They cannot show followers that you have won or lost in the past.

There’s actually a way to learn it, but it’s a pretty boring way.

  • Download one of the apps we’ve shared above and log in with your Instagram account. Then go to MagiMetrics and register with an account. You can also use CrowdBabble or similar services.
  • Allow to analyze your Instagram profile.
  • Save your followers list in Excel or similar.
  • The app you use will send you notifications when someone stops tracking. Return to MagiMetrics and create a new follower list.
  • You can find out who dropped out by comparing the list you’ve created with the list you created earlier in Excel.

In fact, this is a method that only professional social media professionals want to use. MagiMetrics creates a list of up to 100 followers and you have to pay $ 100 per month for more. At CrowdBabble you have to pay $ 30 per list.

Watch out for applications that say that will show the Unfolow for Instagram!

The most important lesson to be learned from this article is that you should pay attention to which applications you authorize to prevent your Instagram data from being received by others. You can allow unsafe applications to access your information when you want to see trackers, and your privacy is at risk.

If you have previously allowed such applications, you can log in to Instagram and revoke permissions from the ‘authorized applications’ list.

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