How to Get More Instagram Likes?

How to Get More Instagram Likes?

For the first time, I’m here with an article on instagram, with a relatively superficial issue, and an How to Get More Instagram Likes on instagram 🙂 As we all know, instagram has taken over the world of online photography, especially in the last 5 years, and even reshaped it.

This application has grown unimaginably, especially after buying facebook, instagram. On the one hand, it became popular (in a way that no one would ever like). On the other hand, it became more commercialized. This second change, the use of this application to earn money, the purchase of advertising, advertising, the ability to reach a large audience changed the rules of the game.

Everyone who is now commercial, non-profit, instagram’da likes and followers hunt. The number of followers and likes, in a way that the personal and commercial accounts for those who do not want to do social media work, remedy, instagram found likes and followers to buy.

It is normal for people you don’t know, like your photos, make comments (usually smiley who says you like the thumb up). When you look at your profile, you can see that people like you, who have 3 followers, like thousands of followers. The goal of all this is to win followers, of course.

So, in this article, How to Get More Instagram Likes in instagram yani in a way, how can you be instagrammer, let’s examine this topic and give tips.

1. Share More Quality Images, Be Creative to Get More Instagram Likes

This item may seem trivial to you. However, the quality of the photos and videos you take is important for most people entering your account to be a foll potential follower..

Download photo editing apps and spend a lot of time in these apps. Try various filters, settings. If I say I’m already taking good pictures, it may be an obstacle to improving your instagram account.
Download video editing apps. The video is instagram-still-new and not a very preferred feature. Video sharing rather than photos can make your account interesting.
Use applications such as timelapse (how to pull a time lapse) – hyperlapse, boomerang. This does not mean that these applications dehydrate. Sharing different content every 3-4 days may attract followers to your account.

2. Be More Visible On Instagram

Be More Visible On Instagram
Being more visible on Instagram, not sharing more photos.

First, announce your instagram account, peer-to-peer, grandchildren. Advertise your instagram account from your Facebook, tumblr, pinterest accounts.
Leave comments on the accounts you follow. I’m not referring to the thumb sign here. The comments you leave will come from those who are curious about your account.
Link your instagram account with your social media accounts. When you share photos, let all your social media friends see you.
Use hashtags. This does not mean, use unnecessary, pointless and unwarranted hashtags, tags. The hashtag cloud you use in your photo shows in a way how high quality your submissions are, your labor and your perspective.
With a well-known instagrammer, your post is a godsend for your account. If you have a partner, please ask a friend 🙂

3. Continuity – Stability

3. Continuity - Stability
If you want to be an instagrammer, it will take a lot of time for your day. This time is equal to the effort. But before that, what this use of time really means is a stable sharing, stable interpretations and likes.

Pay attention to the time you share. There are many articles written on this topic. No weekdays between 15.00-17 .. share, do not share on Sundays around 12.00 etc. These can cause confusion. It can be effective to think and share people’s work or leisure time. Of course we can imagine that we should not share at night 🙂
It is recommended that you share at the same time the next day, days, weeks if sharing is correct for you. Thus, your followers will be able to follow your posts more easily.
Keep following and liking the posts of people, hashtags you follow. Although you assume that you are not paying attention, your liking is valuable for your instagram network.

4. Take Care Of Your Communication With People

I wanted to put the matter because communication is still Turkey’s most of the corporate brand or person instagram accounts that can be called so poorly managed. Intolerable comments, unpleasant discussions, even curses, etc. In addition to responding to comments, will Get More Instagram Likes, but also determines your attitude, sincerity.

Return constructively to bad comments. Remember, this is a social media channel, and no one is commenting on your ”really” personality. Even the majority of your followers don’t even know you.
Be careful not to respond to all comments in the same way. This will show that you value your followers.

5. Organize (Or Participate) Competitions, Campaigns

This recommendation applies mainly to commercial and promotional accounts. It is very unlikely to organize a contest from your personal account, of course.

In instagram contest and campaign participation conditions of the brands, the first condition is to be instagram followers. It is debated how accurate and how pro-consumer to do it in the order. Therefore, you can offer options to people without compromising the brand image.
Share the winner in the contests, if you have a present, sharing a photo with the present will show your honesty and honor the winner.

6. Your Instagram Profile

Your instagram name, photo, information in your “bio, is very important for someone who doesn’t know you and opens your account for the first time. A short essay describing yourself is important, with emphasis on how you use your instagram account (commercial purpose ?, contest page ?, personal account ?, portfolio?).

7. Analysis, Determine Targets

I know it sounds boring. It’s like we’re stuck in the middle of running away from corporate life, lessons, homework. However, this data will give you an idea of ​​how to draw a path and whether your methods do.

Identify your opponents and possible opponents. Observe their strategies. See their liking and followers’ figures.
Put your pursuer and acclaim goals for yourself. Week, week, even day, day. It is important to keep your goals realistic and not to give up quickly.
In this link, there is an article examining the event from different sides. You can review.

As we have seen, there is no magic potion or trick Get More Instagram Likes on instagram. What you have to do is try to sort the recommendations to Get More Instagram Likes and instagram followers; however, if you have a budget, let alone all these recommendations, working with a social media expert can both ease your workload and make it easier for you to reach your goal. Unfortunately, this ”social media management” is not made on a large scale in our country.

We are at the end of our How to Get More Instagram Likes blog. You can also read Huffpost’s blog about How to Get More Followers on Instagram: 16 Tips From the Pros

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